Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q#1 How do I get started?
Register today with a three day free trial . We would contact you in 24 hours with information about online Quran tutoring courses. You can select the course of your liking and get started. Our well learned teachers would guide you through the process.
Q#2 Who are your Tutors?
Our tutors are well qualified , experienced and learned educators. We select the teachers with right background and they have excellent control over the course curriculum .
Q#3 Do you have female quran tutor for female students?
Yes off course. That is a value added service that we provide and it distinguish us from our competitors. We have well experienced female quran teachers.
Q#4 Is Online Quran Tutoring effective?
Absolutely yes. Our years of experience in this field has proved that its one of the most effective way to teaching. We have live teachers talking , teaching and correcting mistakes run time. We have no hesitation in providing a free 3 days trial. Test before you decide.
Q#5 What if I ( or my child ) is not an computer and/or Internet expert?
Its not a issue. we help you getting the whole process started. We are just a call away from you. We use easy to use software. Computer literacy would not be an issue.
Q#6 Is there discount for multiple students or if I refer someone?
We encourage families to get registered with us. If you are more then one then you get special discounts. Special packages are also available on referral.

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Female students who preferred to be taught by female tutors and don’t have facility available in their locality should call us today for more information.

Quran College is proud to announce female Quran teachers are available for female students

Simplifying the Quran Education and crossing the language barriers is our objective.

Basic computer literacy is required for the Kids to start a Quran course. Our Quran learning curriculum is designed to suite kids the best.

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